Rev’d, Fr,  Roger J Butcher

The Vicarage, Church Lane, Piddletrenthide, Dorchester. DT2 7QY

Tel:01300 348211   Mob: 07502118210

Monday is the Rector’s day off and is contactable for emergencies only.


Alton Pancras:

Mr Tim Carron Brown
Mrs Sally Dangerfield (01300 348880)


Mrs Nina Shaw Porter (01258 837422)
Mrs Rachel Bywater (01258 837065)


Mr Justin Langham (01258 817446)
Mrs Alison Musgrave (07768 338428)

Melcombe Horsey:

Mrs Margaret Smail (01258 880609)
Mr John Langham (01258 880808)


Mr Alan Neades (01300 348579)


Mr William Ansell (01300 348359)
Mrs Valentine Simson (01300 348060)

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